Cyberhive Connect

Secure connectivity for the post-quantum era

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Eliminate bottlenecks with low latency and fast reconnects.

Networking performance and resilience significantly exceeds conventional IPsec and other VPNs allowing CyberHive Connect to be used in applications where the physical network connectivity is compromised and where conventional VPNs would either not operate or suffer reduced performance and user experience.


  • Fast reconnect following network drop-out (2ms compared to 500ms for IPsec)
  • Low additional data overhead (<2% compared to 15-20% for IPsec)
  • Handles poor connectivity (handles >90% packet loss compared to 10% for IPsec)
  • Peer-to-peer connectivity eliminates infrastructure bottlenecks such as VPN gateways

Zero trust access management prevents attack from unapproved devices.

Increased level of security through reducing the attack surface of the customer’s network as well as providing enhanced cryptography.


  • IP addresses are not exposed to the internet
  • Single point of administration – reduced chance of configuration errors
  • Simple onboarding and offboarding of users and devices
  • Zero trust access management prevents attack from unapproved devices
  • Quantum-safe cryptography
  • Built using the secure ‘Rust’ programming language eliminating many vulnerabilities

Simple and scalable, with central setup and administration.

Simple administration resulting in reduced cost for clients to deploy, administer and maintain when compared to conventional VPNs or other secure connectivity products that are on the market.

  • Central single point of administration
  • No need to configure firewalls or multiple separate VPN servers
  • Simple client deployment and setup
  • Central policy-based access control
  • Even works where the user does not have a fixed IP address (such as home broadband)
  • Supports persistent secure connections even across different sessions

CyberHive Connect implements a secure software-defined mesh network that transforms how devices communicate. Built using a secure-by-design methodology and a zero trust architecture, it provides instant security that can be easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure.



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