Cyber Secure Solutions: Remote Telemetry and IoT

Securing Industry 4.0 and Beyond

High-performance Mesh connectivity with Post-Quantum Resistant cryptography, designed for embedded devices and low-power architecture.

Post-Quantum Cyptography

Protect critical infrastructure and distributed devices from targeted attack or sabotage.

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Peer-to-Peer Mesh Connectivity

Direct mesh connectivity removes VPN bottlenecks and delivers extremely low latency.

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Modern Architecture

Developed with modern security-focused coding techniques and tools CyberHive Connect is extremely efficient on embedded architectures.

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Future-proof your data security

Quantum computers are firmly on the horizon and accelerating at light-speed pace. Today’s public key encryption standards are vulnerable and insufficient in the quantum era. Remote embedded devices could widen the attack surface for cybercriminals with malicious intent.


Connectivity and Cryptography for IoT

Our solutions are based on the perfect balance of tried-and-tested technology with the exploitation of novel techniques and our own innovative IP to deliver high-performance low-latency post-quantum cryptography on low power devices.


Mesh Connectivity to Facilitate Zero Trust

Not only does a peer-to-peer architecture reduce bottlenecks in restricted bandwidth environments, but by directly connecting nodes and users it enables the implementation of access policies and permissions at a very granular level.

Industry Insights

Keep up to date on cyber security within the Remote Telemetry and IoT sector.

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