Cyber Secure Solutions: Telecoms and Satcoms

Ultra Secure Realtime Video Streaming

High-Performance Mesh connectivity with Post-Quantum Cryptography – ideal for applications where you can’t trade off quality for security

Quantum-Safe Cryptography

Maintain integrity by ensuring sensitive images are transmitted safely, and remote endpoints can’t be used to infiltrate the wider network.

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Peer-to-Peer Mesh Connectivity

View individual device images in real-time, ideal for event security and surveillance. Authentication and attestation ensure tamper resistance.

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Modern Architecture

Developed with modern security-focused coding techniques and tools, CyberHive Connect is extremely efficient on embedded architectures such as body-worn cameras.

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Enhanced Encryption and Connectivity Without Compromising on Quality

Maintaining trust and integrity of video platforms is critical, especially in public spaces, with emergency services and critical infrastructure monitoring.


PQ Resistant Video, without the Lag

High quality video streaming is extremely unforgiving when high levels of encryption are required. Dropped packets and poor connectivity all degrade the experience. For low-power compute and resource-constrained devices the additional overhead can impact performance.

  • Crypto algorithms that exceed today’s gold standards, ready for the future.
  • Highly efficient low-latency code, perfect for lower power devices

Simple and Scalable

Centrally managed, it is easy to remotely provision new endpoint devices and decommission or disable devices in the event of loss or failure. The mesh topology of CyberHive Connect enables granular access control and auditing.

  • Cryptographically secure authentication and identity management
  • Central management console for device administration
  • Deploy and manage tens of thousands of endpoints easily

Resilient to Variable Network Conditions

Packet loss does not have to mean disconnection, based on an enhanced WireGuard foundation CyberHive Connect will maintain connectivity and integrity even on low bandwidth and cellular connections.

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