David Blundell
Founder & CTO

David is a tech visionary, skilled at spotting trends and leading teams to realise them. Outside work, he enjoys restoring old cars, planning home renovations, and experimenting with cooking. His major achievement lies in rallying a top team for his vision at CyberHive.

Alan Platt

Alan seamlessly transitions between finance, marketing, and engineering tasks. A whisky enthusiast, he manages an online tasting club and enjoys weekend DIY projects. His achievements include launching CyberHive and aiding in a top-decade scientific advancement in cell culture.

Sarah Blundell
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah oversees our technology delivery and manages office essentials. A school governor and charity volunteer, she’s also passionate about baking. She relishes in walking and time with children on swings. Notably, she’s completed the Queen’s Guide, met Princess Margaret, and participated in the MoonWalk for breast cancer research.

Graham Lenton
Head of Engineering

Graham directs CyberHive’s Development team and has a rich history at BBC Monitoring, where he led development team and played guitar for Monitörhead. Passionate about family, cycling, cooking, and blues/rock guitar, he notably pioneered the BBC’s first responsive website.

Pat Pruchnickyj
Head of Product Marketing

Pat excels in product positioning and technical evangelism, is a champion ice figure skater and hot air balloonist. Off-duty, they craft hi-fi amplifiers, restore vintage cameras, and delve into film photography and running.

Chris Hemmings
Chief Revenue Officer

Chris steers our revenue team, collaborating with key departments for growth. He’s represented England in Water Polo and the South in school chess. Outside work, he values travel, cultural connections, and quality time with family and friends, with a keen interest in sports.

Mike Pyne
Development Supervisor

Mike, our Development Supervisor, boasts a remarkable proficiency in taekwondo, holding a 2nd-degree (dan) black belt. Beyond his professional role, he passionately pursues taekwondo, has a keen eye for photography, and is actively involved in scouting.

Stuart Hickey

Stuart excels in software development on Microsoft Windows. In a quirky turn of events on his 40th birthday in Tokyo, he inadvertently ended up doing karaoke while hunting for a lunch spot. When he’s not coding, Stuart’s passions span travel, photography, and the wonders of astronomy.

David Horton
Embedded Developer

David specialises in software development for embedded targets. Demonstrating his love for both cycling and food, he once pedalled an impressive 91 miles just for a curry. Outside the digital realm, his athletic pursuits include cycling, hockey, and badminton.

Rhys Hughes
DevOps Team Lead

Rhys thrives in Solutions Architecture, post-sales technical engagement, and systems automation. His rich experience includes significant stints with the Fire & Rescue service, where he played roles in high-profile incidents like the novichok situation in Salisbury and the Wareham Forrest fires. When not architecting solutions, Stuart immerses himself in 3D modelling, adventurous camping and hiking trips, and motorbiking. Additionally, he stands out as a certified First Aider.